Saturday, May 11th, 2019     

2018 Dance Ensemble Workshop Written Music Links.

Below are links to copies of the music for the tunes to be played by the band for Saturday evening's Festival Dance.  These include the tune medleys that will be focused on in the Dance Ensemble Workshop led by Sue Songer (see the list below).  Workshop attendees should bring copies of the music for these tunes to the workshop.
Although it will be helpful to get familiar with these tunes before the workshop, it isn't required.  All musicians will benefit by attending the workshop, regardless of advance preparation.  The general concepts being taught will apply to any dance tunes already in the personal tune-list of any musician.
Students comfortable playing these tunes, with or without the printed music, at dance tempo, may choose to participate in the band for the Saturday night SpringAlive Festival dance.

Ensemble Workshop Focus Medleys (in order of expected importance)

Last Chance/Cat on a Leash
Paddy on a Hand Car/Bay of Fundy
Follow the Oregon Trail/Spice
All the Way to Galway/Treaty of Paris
The Star above the Garter/Cruinniu na mBad
Den Sodeste Vals

All files are in Adobe PDF Format.

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